Beer, Math and API’s


In this blog we will be looking at statistics and information about happy hour prices in Reykjavík, Iceland.
I know the formatting is a bit off, I really should make my blog a bit more modern.

So, let’s just jump right into it.The Reykjavík Grapevine is an Icelandic free alternative magazine written in English. They made an app, called appy hour.
……. a few years ago, seems that they made it in 2012 originally and I just learned about it now

This app has information about happy hours in Iceland, when they start, end, prices and more and when looking for cheap beer it is a great tool, sortable either by closest bar or cheapest happy hour offer.
Me seeing all this interesting data I couldn’t just use the app, I had to explore the data. Didn’t take long to find what server the app is contacting and downloading the JSON containing all the data. I just pulled one local copy to work with, I have no need to query this information, I’ll be using the app when seeking beer in the future. read more