D&D Math, how should I roll ?

For quite some time there has been a discussion in my board game group whether is better:

Scenario A: (The 47 Method)

  • Roll 4 * 6 sided dice
  • Pick the 3 best dice that were rolled
  • This generates a a total from 3 to 18

Perform this task 7 times, pick the 6 best sets.

Scenario B: (The 56 Method)

  • Roll 5 * 6 sided dice
  • pick the 3 best dice that were rolled
  • this generates a total from 3 to 18

perform this task 6 times

The benefits of each one is clear, with scenario A you can remove 1 terribly rolled set but with scenario B you have a better chance of getting good sets but take the risk of getting a terrible set you can’t get rid of.

We are perfectly aware that we could google this but where is the fun in that ? read more