It’s been way too long since I wrote something here

It’s not that I haven’t been doing strange projects, just haven’t been documenting them well.

But now, the season is upon us and I am writing this Christmas tutorial on how to customize your dancing Santa junk 😀



Dancing Santa’s are much more fun when they play gothic Christmas anthems or dirty parodies, so. Let’s get to the how part


Things used:

Cheap Dancing Santa
DFR0299 (Mp3 Module)
Speaker module (explained better below)
Relay or transistors
Basic stuff everyone with a soldering iron should have


The Mp3 Module

The module I used seems to originiate from DFRobot, I ordered mine off aliexpress a while ago and had it just lying in my component boxes waiting for a project.
It’s a nifty little module, can be controlled via an arduino or connected switches and plays files off an SD card. For this project I didn’t want to add an MCU so I just hooked some
wires and switches to it


The speaker module

If you’ve ever torn apart an office PC you will have noticed in the front panel a single speaker with 4 wires, that’s a crappy speaker and tiny amp, looks something like this. I would never use it for any real audio applications
but for a toy like this, it’s a nice way to drive some real sound from a 5V power supply without hazzle.

The Santa

The cheapest I could find at ‘Tiger’. The beauty of this Santa is its shittiness, it had 3xAA batteries connected to switch, if that switch was on the thing played a song until it drained the batteries. No logic boards or anything, just put power to the internal motor of Santa and he dances. The song was on a single chip encased in plastic, couldn’t analyse it, threw it away.


Hooking it up

After tearing it apart i dremeled out the battery compartment for more storage space and started hooking things up

My plan was to use make it simple and dirty, the amp and MP3 chip always have power, when the switch is pressed it triggers a single play on the Mp3 chip. Once the Mp3 chip starts playing the “busy” pin on the chip goes from high to low and I use a transistor drawing direct power and inverts the gate state to power on the motor
……that was the plan, I learned I had no transistors on hand and I accidentally burned out the motor
I managed to replace the motor with spare parts from kitchen supplies and instead of a nice and small transistor I ended up shoving a relay module in there, which I plan to replace



It’s pretty cheap to make a fun little dirty Santa 🙂

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