So, this is a short tutorial on how to unlock a smartphone running Android 5.0 or latest without installing any extra software. It is the method I use to unlock my Android phone with my Dangerous Things xNT chip


This tutorial is written based on my LG phone, I do believe that other brands have slightly diffirent settings menus. If anyone is willing to recreate this tutorial on a diffirent brand I would be happy to include it


Step 1: Make sure NFC is enabled



Step 2: navigate to settings, display, lockscreen



Step 3: assign a “normal” unlock method (if you haven’t already)


step 3

step 4


Step 4: Enter Smartlock

step 5


Step 5: Go to trusted devices

step 6


Step 6: Choose NFC

step 7

Step 7: Confirm add trusted device


step 8


Step 8: Scan your NFC chip

step 9


Step 9: Give your chip a nickname


step 10



And that’s it. Your NFC chip can now unlock your phone. In my experience with my cheap smartphone it works 90% of the time


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