My RFID procedure

Earlier this year I had 2 RFID chip implanted into my hands, one ATA5577 125KHz and one NFC implant.

It was quite painful but totally worth it, here is the video of the procedures

There was of course a lot of prep work associated with it, marking the correct location, sterilizing and so on that is not shown, this should NEVER be done without proper research and preparation.


Using an NFC implant to unlock an Android phone

So, this is a short tutorial on how to unlock a smartphone running Android 5.0 or latest without installing any extra software. It is the method I use to unlock my Android phone with my Dangerous Things xNT chip

This tutorial is written based on my LG phone, I do believe that other brands have slightly diffirent settings menus. If anyone is willing to recreate this tutorial on a diffirent brand I would be happy to include it

Step 1: Make sure NFC is enabled

Step 2: navigate to settings, display, lockscreen read more

Using the Raspberry Pi with usb RFID readers

In this post I wanna discusss the possibilities of the Raspberry PI and RFID, and implementing it in a cheap but effective way.

This tutorial assumed you have basic knowledge of the Raspberry Pi

Tools used:

Raspberry Pi 2 (could be any model, doesn’t have to RPI2)
Cheap USB RFID reader I bought of ebay (similiar listing)
1 x 370 Ohm Resistor
1 x 10K ohm Resistor
1 x tactile switch
some cables
host computer
micro sd with raspbian

Codes avaivable in this tutorial:

Perform action on RPI with RFID
Perform action on RPI with RFID with timed secondary task
Perform togglable actions on RPI with RFID read more